Saturday, February 6, 2010

Paper Bag ~ Door Gifts

Red Paper Bag ~ Flowers print & red ribbon
RM4.00 per piece
(postage included)
size: about 8" x 12"
Price is negotiable for large quantity orders
Various Color & Pattern Available
email us to get more pictures

Door Gifts

Bakul Mengkuang Kecil
Size : 3 x 3 inci
RM5.00 per unit 
sold out

This bakul is also suitable for door gifts. Negotiable depending on the quantity...

Boxes with Compartment

This is perfect for gift, hantaran, festive hamper etc...
Boleh diisi ~ Kurma, Coklat, Kacang

Golden box with Compartment

2 different sizes
RM25.00 per unit

Bakul Mengkuang Coklat

Bakul Mengkuang Besar
Size: 12 inci x 9 inci lebar
Available: Coklat - 1 unit sahaja

Mengkuang Box

bakul yang dibuat daripada kulit rotan
sesuai untuk dijadikan tempat jewellery, coklat etc
size : +- 4 inci lebar
RM15.00 - natural 1

Kotak Mengkuang

RM 39.00 per box
hard mengkuang box with decor
Available :
Natural - 2
Maroon - 1
sold out